The units have been designed with energy efficiency in mind, and will meet the EPA Energy Star Home Version 3.0 to help reduce utility costs for the residents and improve the overall operating budget for the property. An upgraded insulation package including spray foam, batt insulation, and Tyvek wrap will dramatically reduce utility bills by reducing heat/cooling loss to the exterior and minimizing air infiltration into the unit, and will provide superior soundproofing of each apartment. The entire development has been approached with conservation in mind to reduce impact to the environment and costs where possible.

On-site community and recreational spaces: 

Understanding the importance of helping our residents create a sense of community, we annually survey several hundred residents in our communities to ascertain the amenities and features that families feel are most important. As a result, we are incorporating extra square footage into the community space to allow various types of meetings, functions and activities. The building is designed with a large community space that will feature a main room to be utilized for multiple activities such as dancing, yoga, jazzercise, resident dinners, and other large gatherings. An exercise room with work-out equipment and a lending library will also be provided for residents to enjoy.

To encourage recreational activities and social interaction, the community building will feature a large flat screen digital television with DVD capabilities which will be available for movie nights or sporting events. Other features include a kitchenette with Energy Star rated dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave; and an exterior patio with seating area. An on-site children’s playground and community garden will also be included for residents to enjoy as well as open space.

A shelter house will be located adjacent to the community building which can be utilized separately or in conjunction with the larger community space and will be equipped with picnic tables and a propane grill. Additionally, a covered mailbox structure will be conveniently located near the community building.